Sarath Bhaskaran, Head of Sales, Yubi Invest, in his article explained the importance of fixed income as an investment category and how the recent regulatory clarity around online bond platforms comes as a blessing, as it will fuel faster adoption of fixed income securities in India.

While the policies around the fixed income investment category help increase the investment penetration into this space, the complementary aspect of making it easy to invest across the funnel, right from access to bond options to make real-time offers on issuances, making allocations, and securely tracking investments will be crucial to make it successful. 

Keeping these aspects into consideration we have built our fixed income platform for wealth managers, IFA etc. We asked ourselves that if we can shop online seamlessly, invest in stocks / mutual funds with a click of a button, why can’t you invest into fixed income securities with the same ease, seamlessly, securely and in a digital fashion.

Our fixed income platform is built on following principle and capabilities 

Complete Digital Journey

One of the key challenges in today’s fixed income securities investment process is reliance of different stakeholders, manual taks etc.. Our platform has digitised the entire journey from onboarding a wealth manager to onboarding their clients, KYCs, exploration of different fixed incomes options, making a bid / offer, trade management, execution and tracking of trades

The partners at all stages of the process / journey are well aware of where they are in the process and are provided with the nudges and suggestions to make their journey seamless

Completely Automated

A lot tasks in the current investment process are repetitive which doesn’t add value to the partners life, increases cost by manual interventions and makes the client experience sub par. We have automated a lot of activities that will help the partners provide excellent customer service to the investors. 

Activities like automated cashflow generation, order & deal slip generation, maturity event notifications, trade settlement are driven by the platform basis different pre-defined event triggers and communicated to via multiple communication channels i.e. emails, on-platform, notifications etc. 

Two-sided Marketplace

One of the key challenge in the fixed income investment space is the availability of liquidity. From day one we have built the platform in a way that we can operate it as a two sides market palace with control on the quality of investor experience. Securities can be invested through the platform and in case of liquidity requirement can also be listed to sell

Safe, Secure & state of the art infrastructure

Safety & Security of data and processes is in today’s world is paramount. The platform adheres to all the safety, security guidelines and we have state of the art technology that powers the platform. 

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