Sri Sai Creations is a multi-garment production company established in 2014 by Mr. KJ Harsha. The company produces a wide range of apparel like jeans, trousers, shirts, skirts, jackets, among others, on a mass scale. Sri Sai Creations’ operations are spearheaded by Mr. Harsha, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has worked with market leaders like Raymond, Myntra, USPL, Madhura, and Arvind Limited

Sri Sai Creations has come a long way, built on the foundation of guaranteeing outstanding customer experience and superior quality products. With extra focus on timely delivery of consignments that pass the most stringent quality checks, Sri Sai Creations has become a much sought-after name in the textile industry. 

The Challenge 

Producing a range of different apparel on a mass scale requires large capital. The never-ending paperwork and the due diligence process can be excruciatingly painful, especially when time is of the essence. Sri Sai Creations was facing a shortage of working capital. After having already exhausted their existing credit limit with their banking partner, the company wanted quick access to capital, but liasoning with another banking partner seemed too laborious and time-taking a task.

The pandemic further dented the company’s plan to expand its operations, which required an influx of Rs 4 crore urgently. Here are some other roadblocks the company faced in their journey of seeking the requisite capital:

  • Sri Sai Creations lacked an in-house financial expert who could steer the company towards the right products from the debt market and put them in touch with the right lending partners.
  • Getting access to the right kind of deals that fit in well with the business requirements and secure funding became complex hassles.

The Solution

The company aimed to strengthen its relationship with its customers, business associates, and vendors to further cement its position in the market.

Sri Sai Creations found the solution to all their challenges under one roof in Yubi. Here’s how:

  • Yubi onboarded the company in record time with minimal paperwork and started its journey to find a suitable debt partner.
  • The company instantly got access to a credit marketplace that has a tech-first approach that eased timelines and sales cycles
  • Sri Sai Creations could quickly access deals that were cost-effective and had terms in line with business requirements 
  • The company could easily discover multiple listed investors in YubiFlow – our supply chain finance marketplace – to give their supply chain the extra push.

Testimonial KJ Harsha Sri Sai Creations Supply Chain Finance

The Result 

With access to multiple lenders, Sri Sai Creations could discover relevant deals on Yubi and receive funding worth Rs 4 crore in under one week. This helped the company maximize their economic potential to spur sustainable growth. 

Sri Sai Creations could successfully purchase additional stock to expand operations and repay their vendors on time. The company also discovered how using the Yubi marketplace reduced the cost of securing funds significantly, contributing to the overall cost-efficiency of the company.

The simple process of securing funding helped the company devote their time to growth strategies which timed well with the festive season in the country.

On account of this, Sri Sai Creations was able to set up another manufacturing unit while increasing their sales and revenue by nearly 20%!

While our customers already speak highly of the platform, we are innovating every day to enhance their experience multifold via technology.

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