Contributing to the vibrant debt market in India, Yubi is establishing itself as a premier online marketplace for loans and other forms of business financing. In line with this, Yubi’s  CredC0-Lend is a one-of-a-kind unified debt marketplace where private and public banks, NBFCs, and fintech companies come together for seamless disbursement of loans to the borrowers.

What is Co-Lending Model (CLM)?

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The co-lending or co-origination of loans is a unique arrangement between banks(lenders) and non-banking institutions(originators) for the disbursal of joint loans. Under the co-lending model, banks and NBFCs share the risk while disbursing a loan in the ratio of 80:20 or 75:25 or any similar split. Thus, 80% or 75% of the loan is borne by the bank, and 20% or 25%, respectively, is borne by the NBFC.

How does the Co-Lending Model Work?

The main aim of co-lending is to improve credit flow to the unserved segment of the economy at an affordable cost. This happens as banks have a lower cost of funds, and NBFCs have a broader/deeper reach or distribution or expertise to underwrite or collect/service beyond, say, tier-1 or tier 2 centres or target market or customer or product categories.

According to RBI mandates, a minimum amount of 20% of the credit risk from a loan must be on the NBFCs books until maturity, and the remaining balance will be on the bank’s books. Repayment or recovery is divided in proportion to their share of credit and interest by the bank and NBFC.

This joint origination facility helps banks claim priority sector status in respect of their share of the credit. NBFCs act as a single point of contact for customers, and a co-branded agreement is done between end borrowers, NBFCs and banks.

What is YubiCo.lend?

YubiCo.lend is the name for Yubi’s co-lending marketplace. We connect banking and non-banking financial institutions to offer and disburse joint loans to borrowers. We also facilitate building a BC(Business Correspondents) program for Banks or NBFCs.

The marketplace has benefited over 13 lakh retail clients, with loans worth Rs 1,400 crore being disbursed since its inception.

The tech-forward and innovative financing model of YubiCo.lend facilitate smooth collaboration and efficient lending amongst NBFCs, banks and other institutions to seekers of loans.

YubiCo.lend offers 360-degree benefits to both the lenders and the originators. Lending institutions can quickly and conveniently expand their customer base meeting their retail disbursal plans. On the other hand, Originators can look for lenders with whom they can collaborate for efficient and continuous fund flow.

What problem is YubiCo.lend solving?

Co-lending, as you may know, is traditionally a long, drawn-out process with an even longer integration timeline due to Information and Data Security(CISO) compliances and the complexity of the process, repeated with every new lead or co-lending partnership you approach.

YubiCo.lend reduces this onboarding time for originators from 6 months to just 1 week with the help of  YubiCo.lend self-serve API. What’s more, this is a one-time process to a forever of easy access to large capital.

Once you come onboard YubiCo.lend, you get instant access to the huge pool of lenders willing to finance your requirements, and there is no need for integration for each time you approach a lender since integration is a one-time process.

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How can Originator Onboard on the YubiCo.lend Marketplace?

YubiCo.lend works on a seamless self-service integration module that allows you to integrate with us via 7 easy-to-navigate steps – all on your own! Self-serve APIs allow the originators to integrate into the marketplace hassle-free.

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You can now Kickstart your Debt Financing Journey with YubiCo.lend in 7 Days!

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Let’s take a look at how Yubi’s co-lending marketplace onboards originators in record 7 days:

Day 1: Process Discussion and Mapping

In this phase, the originator(lending institution) is given space to observe and understand how the YubiCo.lend marketplace will operate.

The YubiCo.lend team prepares a detailed plan for:

  • Demo of the marketplace showcasing features & USP
  • Timeline for onboarding
  • Process of finding co-lenders
  • Go live date on the marketplace, and other finer details on partnerships

This is also the time for the lending institution to set and convey expectations. Post discussion, the marketplace Agreement is signed between Yubi and the originator.

Day 2: Data Points/ Ops Checklist

A checklist is now mutually developed by YubiCo.lend and the lending institution to finalize:

  • Data points based on client’s goals and expected output
  • Data points to be accessed for the self-serve API integration
  • Input and action required by the lending institution while identifying partners in the YubiCo.lend marketplace
  • Input and action required by YubiCo.lend
  • Input and action that potential co-lending partners will require
  • SOPs in case of any issues/ troubleshooting norms

Day 3: SOP Development 

Once the functional document is shared, the business team at YubiCo.lend works with the originator to draft the SOPs. Revisions are addressed swiftly to finalize the draft in less than 24 hours.

Day 4: SOP Finalisation

Once both parties are satisfied, SOPs for the lending partnerships are signed off.

Day 5: API Integration

Now it is time for what is known as application programming interface (API) integration. The self-serve API integration enables the originator’s systems (LOS/LMS) and YubiCo.lend’s systems to share and embed data, essential in the co-lending process. Once integrated with YubiCo.lend, the lending institution can interact with all co-lenders. This eliminates the need for integrating with each co-lender individually.

Day 6: Co-creation

The lending institution gains access to 15+ banking institutions & 40+ non-banking institutions to create different business financing products or deals.

Day 7: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Go-Live!

During this phase, the originator has the opportunity to view how their product or lineup of products will appear on the Yubi marketplace. User acceptance testing, or UAT, helps evaluate if Yubi has met all the contract terms before going live.

Benefits of Yubi’s Co-Lending Marketplace

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Originators have a lot to gain by choosing to get onboard YubiCo.lend. The most prominent benefits include:

  • One Time API Integration: Once you integrate with the marketplace, there is no need to integrate individually with co-lender.
  • Self-serve API: This facilitates a quicker turnaround time.
  • Security: Cred has a six-layer fool-proof security system that protects data with SSL encryption and information stored on the marketplace. YubiCo.lend complies with all IT and regulatory requirements and prevents unauthorised users’ modification of sensitive personal information.
  • Reduced Time and Effort: With a turnaround time of mere 7 days, originators can begin the loan discovery and disbursement process much quicker.
  • Operations Layer: Workflow modules, auto RS generation, wallet setting disbursement, and collection tracking modules are designed as per agreed processes.
  • Wide Choice: Each lending institution can access 15+ curated lenders; you are paired with lenders who match your criteria.
  • Reporting Support: You get comprehensive dashboards and at-a-glance data visualizations to help you develop valuable insights. The system is AI-enabled to provide actionable insights, portfolio management, and run intervention where required.
  • Credit Layer: Credit criteria can be configured in the system as agreed by the lenders. Filtering, selection, and underwriting can be closed within the system.
  • Reconciliation Module: Configurable reconciliation and settlement module with invoice generation features.
  • Depth Across Products: Yubi’s lenders have developed experience across 15+ sectors.

Final Notes

Co-lending is being seen as the way ahead for banks and NBFCs to access growth, diversify funding sources, enlarge their capital base, and experience improved liquidity.

Moreover, this is an excellent moment to begin tapping into co-lending after the RBI tweaked guidelines, allowing banks to take up to 80% of loans on a back-to-back basis. Moreover, today all NBFCs have been permitted to co-lend, making it the future of loans.

YubiCo.lend is the partner that NBFCs need to ace co-lending partnerships and processes, thanks to its simple UI and easy to navigate setup. YubiCo.lend promises end-to-end lending lifecycle management that is unobtrusive and always on hand. The marketplace also allows for personalised and automated workflows, reconciliation, invoicing and FLDG settlement. YubiCo.lend also manages the repayment split between the co-lenders.

While our customers already speak highly of the platform, we are innovating every day to enhance their experience multifold via technology.

To get a demo of how YubiCo.lend works, please write to us at or download a copy of our brochure here.