In a post-pandemic world, we need to build cultures that can thrive through any kind of catastrophe, both man-made and natural. And the key to organisational growth on this path is ‘creative innovation’. At Yubi, we believe in nurturing free independent thinkers and creating an inspired, unbossed, and curious workforce. This is absolutely critical to not just thrive in every circumstance but also march steadily towards our ambition of building a global legacy in the global debt ecosystem.

A mission as emphatic and exciting as revolutionising the debt ecosystem is equivalent to traversing uncharted waters. We realised early on that beyond technical prowess, an organisation on such a journey needs a strong culture that acts like glue, keeping the workforce together, excited and focused. There’s a lot we’ve done and a lot we’ve learnt in this endeavour.

We began with a complete commitment to transparency – it is at the core of our mission-focused culture building exercise. The idea it translated to for us was to communicate all progress to employees and even call out blockers openly and objectively. We have created open and transparent communication forums to address various issues in a timely and effective manner. This environment our employees enjoy has enabled greater flow and flexibility.

We worked on mission amplification discourse efforts that ensured we created an inspired, high-spirited environment across verticals and helped people stay grounded and connected to the mission.

One of the biggest challenges facing HR teams across industries today is figuring out how to approach hybrid work arrangements to make the best of both the online and offline worlds. But it’s with great pride I can say that our philosophy of staying ahead of time helped us navigate this challenge seamlessly. At Yubi, we had already started working on our Remote Work Policy even before the pandemic hit the world. The pandemic only boosted the system we already had in place.

Building on a remote-friendly culture enabled team interaction between members on-site and off-site. We have also subscribed to tools that facilitate a smooth exchange of ideas and execution of work. To make hybrid work more efficient, we have specific days dedicated to problem-solving and brainstorming for hashing out ideas when teams meet at the office. Then there are ‘execution days’ when employees work on these ideas remotely. Cross-pollination of ideas between teams is an indispensable part of our culture. We provide multiple avenues and platforms for knowledge sharing both inter and intra teams to enable collaborative problem-solving. Our team and our business has not only survived but thrived in a virtual environment.

At Yubi, our biggest advantage is that we can unlearn things and quickly adapt to the changing needs. We do not shy away from doing away with processes that do not work. For instance, we recently scrapped the age-old practice of yearly promotions – our promotion cycle now runs throughout the year. We rebranded our town halls (as they sounded too archaic) to ‘Credster Connect’ to encourage different avenues for two-way communication at multiple levels – from leadership to sub-unit and people on the floor.

Given the fast-paced nature of the problems companies face today, we have developed into an agile organisation that is ready to roll out real-time solutions. Our bias for action and flawless execution has put us on such a high trajectory growth path.

As an organisation that is driven to leave a global legacy, fiercely advocates independence, nurtures free thinkers, encourages transparent and objective dialogue, and strives to set a benchmark in creative and collaborative innovation, we look forward to what the future holds. Even more than that, we are super excited to unfold many more path-breaking initiatives in the post-pandemic world!