When anchors onboard the YubiFlow program, one of the most significant challenges faced by them is a high turnaround time. Anchors expect a smooth, fast, and efficient process to take their program published as soon as they can. The incumbent turnaround time of 7 business days between program creation and expression of interest seemed like a lot of time. Anchors wanted a process where the time between program creation and expression of interest was minimal to expedite the process.

Investors reported facing a similar problem. Investors on the YubiFlow marketplace felt that there was no credit criterion in place on the basis of investor’s preference and the target industry. Moreover, the process of deal discovery was manual. Investors had to discover programs via the discovery section, shortlist them, and go through each program for even the minutest of details.

Launching a Green Channel for Investors

The Green Channel on YubiFlow will help Anchors reduce the turnaround time for getting an expression of interest after the program is published. The Green Channel will aim to reduce the turnaround time for expression of interest from 7 days to instantaneously if the Credmatch score is 100%.


This will allow the Anchors to receive an expression of interest almost immediately if the program matches 100% of their preferences.

This will benefit the investors as well.


The Green Channel will allow investors to set up certain parameters as the credit criterion on YubiFlow. The matching of these preferences with the Anchor program will generate a Credmatch score, ranging from 0% to 100% where 100% Credmatch score will mean that all investor parameters match with the Anchor program preferences.


The preferences are the credit parameters set by the investors and Credmatch score is used to indicate how close an Anchor program is to the preferences set by the investor.


Additionally, the investors now have the option to automatically express their interest in Anchor programs that have a 100% Credmatch score.


Investors can now see all the Anchor programs and automatically be able to filter out programs that do not have a satisfactory Credmatch score, shown on individual program cards.


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