Over 750 lenders and 1000+ borrowers trust YubiLoans, one of India’s largest debt marketplaces. YubiLoans connects borrowers and lenders to create a complete debt ecosystem. With recent product improvements, Yubi’s Loan Platform now offers a better experience to investors. YubiLoans’s Investor home page has been revamped to make it more accessible, engaging, and user-friendly. 

Finding Relevant Possible Solutions in Older User Version

  • The current situation did not allow investors to quickly research and Act on relevant deals.
  • The information on deal cards needed to be improved, and there was no option to access Expression of Interest directly from the deal card.
  • The current user interface limiting experience with respect to recommendations and investor preferences, which may be used more to improve transaction discoverability.
  • A straightforward approach for investors to keep track of deals in which they have expressed interest or have invested (settled/matured deals).

More for Investors with New Investor Home Page

The recommended transactions are now immediately accessible to the investor on the home page under the tab Explore, thanks to the integration of new features. The Investor can also check the status of the offers in which they have expressed interest by going to the ‘My Interest tab.’ Users can check which deals have been moved to the Finished, Settled, or Matured stages under the My Deals page.

Group 4759 Yubi Loans Product Update: March, 2022

My Interest Tab

Group 4748 Yubi Loans Product Update: March, 2022

My Deals Tab

Group 4747 Yubi Loans Product Update: March, 2022

We’ve added a new section called Trending Deals (Live deals with the most Expression of Interest). The investor can also set their preferences based on their needs, which are shown clearly at the top of the page.

Group 4749 Yubi Loans Product Update: March, 2022

A new set of filters have been introduced, like Ratings, Products, Quantum, Pricing Expectation, and Secured/Unsecured. There are reset options for checkbox filters and a Reset All option to return to the default state. To improve the investor’s overall experience on the recommended deal cards, now we provide a tab like non-Relevant on deal cards. Basis feedback we can provide better deals to investors.

Group 4746 Yubi Loans Product Update: March, 2022

With the launch of the above product changes, we hope that our investors’ experience will be much improved and that they will be able to do more transactions on the Credloan. For more information, please write to us at credloan@go-yubi.com. Alternatively, you can fill out the Inquiry Form to receive a brochure by email.