As an active participant on the Yubi platform, you are now in an amazing position to gain access to a wide selection of truly useful short-term loan products that might otherwise be fairly challenging to obtain.

10 new short-term loan products have gone live on Yubi’s YubiLoans platform, accessible through the deal listings pages.

This has a dual appeal and a double benefit. Not only do you get easy and hassle-free access to a collection of handy loan products, but it also allows you as an investor, to pursue your interests,  or be directed to the ‘express interest page to respond towards the requirement of capital.

YubiLoanss can help you obtain an alternative source of capital, quick and easy.

A little background: 

As India’s largest debt marketplace, YubiLoans is trusted by over 500 lenders and borrowers for a uniquely seamless and tech-led experience of loan discovery, execution and fulfilment.

On Yubi’s YubiLoans platform, clients can raise requests, and investors can identify and invest in suitable opportunities, for a quantum of Rs 5 -500 crores for a tenor of 3 months to 180 months.

Now, YubiLoans has launched 10 short-term loan products. Investors and Clients will now have the opportunity to avail deals created under the following products:

  1.     Cash Credit
  2.     OverDraft
  3.     Short Term Loan
  4.     Letter of Credit
  5.     Bank Guarantee
  6.     Export Packing Credit
  7.     Packing Credit in Foreign Currency
  8.     Factoring
  9.     Receivables Assignment
  10.     Discounting

How can you go about obtaining short term finance through one of these new products? 

  • As a Yubi investor 

Step 1: Visit the YubiLoans deal listing section

4 1 All you need to know about Yubi's new short-term loans products and how to use them

Step 2: Once you get there, you will see the list of open deals. Colour coded squares tell you which of the 10 product categories a certain deal falls under. Zero in on a deal as desired from the list or filter according to type by clicking on the relevant box above the list. The codes used are fairly intuitive, but for maximum convenience, here is a ready reckoner of what the abbreviations represent:

  • Cash credit – CC
  • Overdraft/ bank overdraft – OD
  • Short Term Loan – STL
  • Letter of Credit – LC
  • Bank Guarantee- BG
  • Export Packing Credit – EPC
  • Packing Credit in Foreign Currency- PCFC
  • Factoring – is represented as is, as Factoring
  • Receivables Assignment – RA
  • Discounting – is represented as is, as Discounting

4 2 All you need to know about Yubi's new short-term loans products and how to use them

Step 3: Once you find a deal that grabs your attention and makes business to you, click on it. In its expanded version, on the right-hand side of your screen, you will have the ‘Express Interest’ button. Click on it and the concerned borrower will be notified of your expression of interest in financing their requirement.

Further, you’ll also receive communication via your registered email of the borrower’s response to your expression of interest!

  • As a Client (Borrower)

As a Client, you will now be able to create and view deals in the 10 new products that have been launched on the YubiLoans platform.

4 3 All you need to know about Yubi's new short-term loans products and how to use them

Once you have raised your requests and investors start expressing their interest, you will be able to view the number and details of interest expressions from potential investors that will be populated into your dashboard in real-time.

4 4 All you need to know about Yubi's new short-term loans products and how to use them

Further, you would be directed to the express interest page to respond. You may respond to their expression of interest at your convenience, which will then be conveyed electronically to the interested party.