One of the critical differentiators of Yubi as a platform is the interoperability amongst multiple debt instruments. We have taken a giant stride in making Yubi the one-stop solution for all our users with this enhanced capability.

What is Interoperability?

Interoperability in technology is the capability that allows multiple products/features to operate in conjunction with one another. In other words, the user is not just restricted to one product/feature at a time; they can switch between any product/feature of their choice based on their needs.

How Interoperability at Yubi has transformed the Debt ecosystem?

for blog Yubi enhances Interoperability capability: Say hello to ‘One-Stop Portfolio’!

Yubi is a one-stop solution for all the corporate debt requirements. The platform connects borrowers with lenders based on their respective criteria. The users can see the top deals/investors for all the products that meet their standards on a single page. They can choose or create a deal for the specific debt instrument based on their requirement with just a click.

Users can make informed decisions

The investors are onboarded on the Yubi through integration with the specific debt instrument based on the investors’ requirements. Previously, they could only view the deals for the product they had integrated with, allowing them to choose the best deal suited to their requirements.

This enhancement enables a seamless transition between different debt instruments, allowing the investor to choose the most suitable instrument(s) and view the deals for all the products on a single page.

Client Yubi enhances Interoperability capability: Say hello to ‘One-Stop Portfolio’!The feature would not only show the deals for multiple products on a single page, but the investors would also get the top deals curated for them based on their criteria. This new feature would allow investors to make better lending decisions.

Borrowers can also choose any debt products suitable for their needs. While earlier, they could only view the limited array of products based on initial integration, now they can access all our debt instruments.

Yubi: A Game Changer in the Corporate Debt industry?

Yubi provides a single point of contact for investors to get information about the companies they could invest in. The investors are onboarded with seamless integration and can use the modules such as Credit Module, Fulfilment Module, Operational Module, and additional features such as the 360-degree view of the debt ecosystem.

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