Supercharged by robust API workflow enhancements, Yubi has upgraded its dashboarding features to provide enhanced analytics and monitoring facility for your loan disbursement process.

Let’s take a quick peek into the specific updates:

Top-up loans:

Yubi’s top-up loan feature allows Originators to create top-up loans for a borrower as a new loan linked to the old one with the help of the linked Loan ID. Users can find the linked Loan ID for a borrower in the ‘Top-up loans’ section of the ‘Loan Dashboard.’ In addition to the Loan ID, the investor can also find the net disbursed amount and the POS details in the ‘Top-up loans’ section. The feature also allows the investor and originator to track the exposure against a borrower.

Screenshot 2021 10 12 at 11.30.21 AM 1 Co-lending just got easier on Yubi - Add top-up loans, update loan commercials and more

Originators can also proceed with foreclosing loans through the system. For this, the Originator will need the linked Loan ID, foreclosure amount, interest amount, and other charges. All these details can be found in the ‘Payout Information’ section on the Loan Dashboard. The foreclosed loan amount will be displayed in the Disbursement Information panel, and the same will be considered for net disbursement.

Screenshot 2021 10 12 at 11.30.34 AM 2 Co-lending just got easier on Yubi - Add top-up loans, update loan commercials and more

Update loan commercials:

Depending upon the requirements, the Originators are now able to update details of the loans at any stage of the loan process, be it interest rate change, tenure of the loan, or the repayment schedule. Any such modifications in the loan will be notified to the investors on their dashboard as a highlighted icon. All the details of the change can be accessed by the investors by clicking on the highlighted icon.


De-dupe (Algo enhancement for Borrower):

A profile ID is assigned to a borrower after the Yubi system checks the dedupe functionality. For this, IDs like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and Voter ID can be used. 

Yubi will then use the Borrower’s profile to show loans that match the Borrower and the investor. If there are Guarantors or co-applicants linked to the loans, they will also be displayed for the matching loans.


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