At YubiCo.lend, we are on a mission to revolutionize co-lending for banks and NBFCs and help them cater to a wider customer base. With updated features on the YubiCo.lending platform such as co-lending credit limit products, tracking top-up loans, disbursing loans in several tranches and revising the repayment schedule, Yubi has made co-lending a smoother and streamlined process for originators and investors.

About YubiCo.lend

YubiCo.lend is a tech-forward debt marketplace that’s transforming the co-lending ecosystem in India by seamlessly connecting banks and other financial firms on a unified global platform. As a one-of-a-kind platform, Yubi’s CredCo-lend uses state of the art technology that helps you leverage the debt market and offer discovery, operations, and monitoring modules to power the complete co-lending ecosystem

Here’s how our latest updates can further streamline your loan disbursal process.

Credit line products

Although co-lending allows the originators and investors to offer joint loans, when it came to credit line products, it was offered on a standalone basis by either an originator or an investor. The latest update solves this problem by allowing both originators and investors to offer credit limit products in conjunction with each other on a single platform.

Screenshot 2021 11 03 at 2.34.01 AM Co-lending just got easier! Track top-up loans, disburse loans in tranches & more!

The latest update allows originators to list their credit line products for co-lending with investors willing to partner with them. Upon successful integration with Yubi, originators can share all information about their credit limit products with co-lending partners in real-time.

Screenshot 2021 10 13 at 7.49.23 PM Co-lending just got easier! Track top-up loans, disburse loans in tranches & more!

An originator can report essential data like credit limit information and time validity along with linking multiple loans taken by the same customer. This feature allows investors to access this data and assess the incoming loans reported by the originator under the co-lending arrangement. Other enhanced features like tracking the customer’s credit limit utilization, revision of customer limit give investors better control over their decision-making.

Top-up loans

Top-up loans are a fantastic feature that allows the customer to take out an additional loan on an existing loan to avoid defaulting on payments. In co-lending, the top-up loan feature enables originators and investors to disburse top-up loans to end customers, depending upon their repayment capability. However, with a customer taking multiple top-up loans on an existing loan, it can become cumbersome for the originators and the investors to gauge the risk or exposure for a certain customer.

Yubi has paid careful attention to these hiccups. With the latest update, originators can now report a loan as a top-up loan for Yubi’s records along with the list of existing loans that are linked to this top-up loan for the co-lending partner’s disposal. This way, both the originator and the investor can access the information about all the existing loans linked to a customer. The latest features also allow both the originators and Investors participating in co-lending to keep track of the exposure to the same customer which helps identify if a certain loan is a top-up or a fresh loan.

Screenshot 2021 09 06 at 12.10.26 PM Co-lending just got easier! Track top-up loans, disburse loans in tranches & more!

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This feature will also help originators and investors to foreclose a customer’s existing loan, by adjusting the loan amount on the new top-up loan with the Principal outstanding on the existing loans. Investors also get access to information like total disbursed amount, principal outstanding, and the number of loans linked to a customer. Originators and investors can access all this information on their dashboard which helps them make an informed decision when approving or rejecting a top-up loan request.

Tranche disbursement

So far, getting a loan approved by two co-lending parties has been an effortless task. However, disbursing the approved loan into several tranches was one of the biggest challenges for co-lending parties. Another hassle was revising the repayment schedule after each tranche of the loan was released. Customers taking house loans, education loans, and car loans generally need to pay the amount in 2-3 parts.

Screenshot 2021 11 03 at 1.50.26 AM 1 Co-lending just got easier! Track top-up loans, disburse loans in tranches & more!

Screenshot 2021 10 04 at 7.32.11 PM 3 Co-lending just got easier! Track top-up loans, disburse loans in tranches & more!

The tranche disbursement feature solves this problem and allows originators and investors to disburse the loan amount into several tranches to the end customer.

Screenshot 2021 09 28 at 5.44.00 PM 1 Co-lending just got easier! Track top-up loans, disburse loans in tranches & more!

As per the latest update in YubiCo.lend, originators can report to both Yubi and the co-lending partner that a certain loan will be disbursed in tranches upon approval. This allows the originators to report and revise the repayment schedule for a specific tranche of loan amount while the investor can review and track the repayment status of the loan.

In the loan dashboard, the investor can choose the ‘Tranche’ requests section to view the new tranche requests from the originator for the loans that are already disbursed. They can also easily scroll between tranches to view the disbursement details against associated loan details.

Yubi is a one-stop solution to debt-related services. It helps connect banks, NBFCs, small companies, and individual investors and offers an all-in-one solution to debt financing while collaborating with a huge market of lenders and asset monitoring features to help manage your portfolio.

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