Though not essentially a new concept, the co-lending model is still fraught with many practical challenges. For one, the co-origination process is operationally quite complex. Additionally, for the key parties involved, banks and NBFCs, coming up with a combined credit policy to approve and disburse loans is easier said than done. 

When the RBI rechristened the co-origination of loans scheme as the Co-Lending Model (CLM) in Nov 2020, the governing body mandated both lenders to maintain separate loan accounts according to their loan exposures for all jointly disbursed loans. As straightforward as it may seem, agreeing on the nuances of a co-lending arrangement, making funds available for the end borrower on time and tracking loan data separately can be a daunting task for lenders.

YubiCo.lend, however, has been able to turn a new leaf with its comprehensive platform that covers all the aspects of a co-lending journey, from discovery and operations to monitoring and reporting. 

YubiCo.lend leads the way with its seamless co-lending platform

YubiCo.lend is an online platform that brings banks and NBFCs together, so they can co-create and disburse loans to end borrowers. The platform not only digitizes co-origination of loans end-to-end but also uses APIs to make system integrations with both the lending parties easier and more efficient. With 30+ partnerships having disbursed loans worth 450K to over a million retail clients, YubiCo.lend is making great headway in powering India’s co-lending ecosystem.

So what does YubiCo.lend do differently?

An originator, usually a small-scale bank or an NBFC, creates a loan product on YubiCo.lend. As no two loans are alike, the platform allows the originator to configure the loan product beyond just choosing the sector, loan exposure (%), tenure and lending rate. Originators can define details like disbursement mode, insurance information, day-count convention and how they want to calculate processing fees. Once configured, the loan product is validated by Yubi and becomes visible to investors on the platform.

Not too long ago, originators used to configure loans on paper, which meant extensive manual effort, extended cut-off dates and chances of human errors. Thanks to self-serve APIs, YubiCo.lend enables smooth configuration of loans, easy handling of credit check preferences and hassle-free tracking of repayments, all in one place. What took weeks earlier is now a matter of days or even lesser.

CoLending Blog Post Screenshot Co-lending just got easier with Yubi's self-serve APIs

There’s more to it. Investors on the platform also enjoy a hassle-free lending experience as all they need to do is explore different loan products and express their interest in them. Yubi facilitates negotiations and helps lenders draft and sign a co-lending master agreement to set things in motion.

What about credit checks?

With their deeper digital reach, NBFCs easily identify end borrowers, and it’s important that investors underwrite and approve each one of them. Credit filters on YubiCo.lend allow investors to customize their credit policy based on factors such as sector or loan type. To make underwriting seamless, the platform allows easy exchange and review of loan-related documents between the lending parties, which may take days when done offline. 

Staying connected throughout

Yubi’s involvement doesn’t just end with enabling credit checks, getting lenders into an agreement and facilitating disbursal. We work closely with the lenders throughout the loan lifecycle until repayment is complete. Our platform’s reporting capabilities also enable both the lending parties to get the bigger picture of how their loan is performing – with just a few clicks! 

While our customers already speak highly of the platform, we are innovating every day to enhance their experience multifold via technology. 

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