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Secured Bond

11.50% XIRR, 1 year 2 days maturity

Principal Repayment

~ Every 3 Months

Interest Payment

~ Every Month

Minimum Investment

~ ₹10,000

Collateral Type

Personal loans to Salaried, Student, Self employed people

Collateral Size

1.2X of asset size

Issue Size

₹ 50 Cr

Technical Details Who is issuing the bond?

Quadrillion Finance Pvt. Ltd. (QFPL), is a Bengaluru based NBFC, engaged in the business of unsecured retail financing to the salaried class, student segment and self-employed; through the mobile application named ‘Slice’. The product profile includes Slice Credit Card, credit through bank transfer or Paytm and electronic gift voucher. Company is using tech platform owned by its parent company - Garagepreneurs Internet Private Limited (GIPL). The parent is Corporate Guarantor for the issuance.


Attributes 9M FY22 FY21 FY20
Networth (Cr) 358.60 46.50 25.96
AUM (cr) (QFPL) 1,051.10 146.57 44.46
Profit After Tax (Cr) 17.11 0.38 0.65
Net Proft margin 13.05% 0.99% 5.50%
Debt/Equity Ratio 2.25 2.50 0.60
Gross NPA 1.25% 1.12%
Net NPA 0.15% 0.28%
CRAR 25.86% 27.08% 47.23%
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The Total Networth of parent GIPL is INR 973.4 cr as on Dec 31, 2021.

Recent Updates:

  • money--bag--icon2
    The Company is 100% subsidiary of Garagepreneurs Internet Private Limited (GIPL) and the parent entered the Unicorn club in December with an equity raise of $220 mn at a valuation of $1 billion
  • ribbon--icon2
    The company is Official Sponsor of Mumbai Indians in the ongoing IPL
  • award--icon2
    The company is recently upgraded to BBB+ by CARE Ratings


The company is backed by marquee Private Equity investors like Tiger Global and Insight Partners. Other investors in the company include Advent International's Sunley House Capital, Moore Strategic Ventures, Anfa and existing investors Gunosy, Blume Ventures and 8i.


Calculator Visualise your re-payments

Sample Investment of INR 10,000
Date Principal Repayment Interest Payment Total Cashflows
30-04-2022 93 93
30-05-2022 90 90
30-06-2022 3,000 93 3,093
30-07-2022 63 63
30-08-2022 65 65
30-09-2022 3,000 65 3,065
30-10-2022 36 36
30-11-2022 37 37
30-12-2022 2,000 36 2,036
30-01-2023 19 19
28-02-2023 17 17
01-04-2023 2,000 19 2,019
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How to invest?

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    Submit application online

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    Our representative will contact you within 24 hours

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    Submit required documents like KYC, Demat details, Bank proof for transaction

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    Verification & Transfer of funds

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    Transfer of Bonds:
    For more than 20 units, same day transfer. Else, credited to demat account the next day.

Prerequisite for Investments

Soft copies of basic KYC documents will be required as mentioned below, there will be no application form to be signed

  • a)
    Self-Attested Pan Card
  • b)
    Self- Attested Address Proof ( Aadhar/Passport / Utility Bill )
  • c)
    Demat proof (CML Copy)- CML copy can be taken from respective Depository
  • d)
    Bank Proof (with A/c number & IFSC details). Bank proofs can be: Cancelled Cheque leaf/ Bank statement with IFSC details

Pool Criteria for the security

Eligibility Criteria for the Hypothecated Receivables:

Each asset provided as security must comply with the portfolio origination criteria below:

  • All applicable "know your customer" requirements prescribed by the RBI have be complied with;
  • The receivables are existing at the time of selection and have not been terminated or pre-paid;
  • The receivables have not been restructured or rescheduled and are “current” loan i.e. less than 0 (zero) dpd.
  • Each client loans must satisfy the Issuer's credit and underwriting policies, including credit referencing agency checks where commonly used;
  • Each client loan must be directly originated by the Issuer and not loans purchased from a third party;
  • Each asset shall be current on the books of Issuer
  • Loans must have been given to individual borrowers.
  • Loans must be unencumbered (other than under the Transaction Documents) and not sold or assigned by the Company.
  • Maximum ticket size per Loan/borrower should be INR 1,000,000/-,
  • No loans should have tenure of more than 18 months.

Non-Eligible receivables shall be replaced with fresh portfolio of same amount within 30 calendar days from the day they become Ineligible.


  • Credit Risk – Credit Risk is the possibility of a loss resulting from a borrower’s failure to meet the repayment obligations (principal or interest). If the invested principal amount is not recoverable because of the NBFC declaring bankruptcy, the NBFC will enter into bankruptcy proceedings. It is pertinent to note that the credit risk increases as the tenure of the bond increases. In SLICE paper, the tenor is kept at 1 year 2 days to mitigate the risk with 60% of the principal will be receivable within first 2 quarters. Also, the securities are guaranteed by Corporate Guarantee of the parent and Security coverage of 1.2x times of the receivables.
  • Liquidity Risk – Liquidity risk, from an investor perspective, is the inability to sell-off / exit the investments at the discretion of the investor. Since SLICE paper is unlisted securities, sell -off within 1 year will have less options.
  • Fraud Risk – Fraud risk from the perspective of existence of the collateral offered. This may act as an impediment for recovery of loans
  • Regulatory changes – Any change in tax rates may alter the returns promised to the investor. Also, an introduction of a new regulation or amendment of existing regulation may have a positive or negative impact on the Company’s financial performance.


Q : What will be minimum investment ? Can a Investor buy bonds worth Rs.15000 ?

Ans: Face Value per bond will be Rs.10000 which will be minimum investment per investor, Buyer can invest in Multiple of Rs.10000

Q : What Documents are required for Investment , will there be any application form required ?

Ans: Soft copies of basic KYC documents will be required as mentioned below, there will be no application form to be signed

  • a)
    Self-Attested Pan Card
  • b)
    Self- Attested Address Proof (Aadhar/Passport / Utility Bill)
  • c)
    Demat proof (CML Copy)- CML copy must be taken from respective Depository
  • d)
    Bank Proof (with A/c number & IFSC details).
    Bank proofs will be: Cancelled Cheque leaf/ Bank statement with IFSC details

Q. What will be the mail id to send the KYC Documents?

Q : Can NRI Invest in SLICE Bonds

Ans: NRI investors will not be allowed to invest in SLICE Bonds via Cred Avenue platform.

Q: When will the Interest on Securities / Bonds start?

Ans: Interest will be calculated from the day of Credit of Bonds in Investors demat account.

Q. How will the Individuals receive the TDS certificate?

Ans: TDS certificates will be issued by Issuer ( SLICE ) and sent to debenture holder directly

Q. What is the taxation on secured Non Convertible Debentures?

Ans: The taxation on the interest will be as per your Income Tax slab. 10% TDS will be deducted by the Issuer at time of payment of interest.

Q. How will the Investor receive money?

Ans: Interest & Principal Payout will be done by Issuer to Debenture holders Bank account directly (Bank account which is mapped to Demat account where debentures are lying)

Q. How are returns calculated on my investments?

Ans: The returns on the assets are calculated basis XIRR Returns. In the current Issuance the returns are 11.50% Pre-Tax.

Parties to the issue

Bonds Issuing NBFC: Quadrillion Finance Private Limited (Slice)

Trustees to the Issuance: Catalyst Trusteeship Limited

Corporantor Guarantor: Garagepreneurs Internet Private Limited


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Issuance Volume in FY 21-22


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