Yubi Weekly Wrap

Markets and events

  • Last Friday, the RBI conducted G-Sec auctions worth INR 280bn with 7.38% GS 2027 (INR 70bn, WAY: 7.25%), 7.26% GS 2032 (INR 120bn, WAY: 7.34%), 7.36% GS 2052 (INR 90bn, WAY: 7.45%). There was no devolvement to PDs.
  • 7 states raised a total of INR 135bn last week through SDL auctions.
  • Banking system liquidity remained in surplus during the week. System liquidity surplus stood at INR 672bn. Call money rate decreased to 5.67% on 06 January from 6.16% on 02 January. RBI did not do liquidity adjustment operations during the week.

January 11, 2023

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