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  • Why Choose Yubi Credit Market?
    We Digitise Your Commercial Lending Journey

    The Yubi Credit Market Platform provides a seamless digital experience that speeds up the complete lending process.

    Enhanced discovery


    Get discovered by 750+ lenders and 3000+ enterprises across the rating spectrum with YubiMatch® – or proprietary AI/ML engine

    One-time integration


    Monitor your assets portfolio like a hawk and maintain high asset quality with 100s of data points segmented into automated custom reports with custom alerts and early warning signals with YubiMonitor®

    Seamless interoperability


    Close deals 5x faster than market with full transparency using the advanced decision making suites YubiAnalytics® and YubiAutomate®

    Powerful reporting


    Integrated solutioning for different stages of the lifecycle of the client and access to diverse debt instruments with a single click.

    Trusted by Leading Banking Partners and 750+ Lenders

    Multiple Loan Solutions on One Platform

    Choose a loan type that best fits your business requirement and connect with 750+ top lenders to get your loan disbursed in just 3 clicks


    Term Loan

    Working capital loan

    Working Capital loan

    Letter of Credit

    Letter of Credit

    Loan Against property

    Loan Against property

    Bill Discounting

    Bill Discounting

    Equipment Loans

    Equipment/Machinery Loans

    Start up/ venture Loans

    Start up/ Venture Loans

    MSME Loans

    MSME Loans


    Cash Credit



    Bank Guarantee

    Bank Guarantee

    Short Term Loans

    Short Term Loans

    API-based architecture for quick integration with lending ecosystem enablers

    One-time API integration to simplify the flow of data between Originators and Lenders

    Digital Lending Solutions Built on Digital Innovation to Aid Discovery, Execution, and Fulfilment


    Scale your business with comprehensive digital assessment

  • circle-check-black End-to-End loan management that facilitates automation & optimization - from loan origination, to credit evaluation and fulfilment.
  • circle-check-black Favorable rates & options across various loan structures and lender types.
  • circle-check-black Get the best lender matches from over 750+ lenders in our network
  • circle-check-black Automated workflows bring efficiency to the lending process.
  • Lenders

    Grow your loan book by adding new high-quality customers

  • circle-check-black More than 3000+ Active Borrowers on the platform
  • circle-check-black Match with enterprises that meet your requirements using AI/ML algorithm with digital innovation solution - YubiMatch
  • circle-check-black Close deals 5 times faster with YubiAutomate & understand deals better through YubiAnalytics
  • circle-check-black Monitor your portfolio and get custom reports through YubiMonitor
  • Meet our happy customers

    We help businesses like yours scale new heights


    "The large number of lenders on the Yubi Credit Market platform sparked a lot of interest in our funding needs, and the technology allowed for a quick turnaround till the sanction was finalised. We were able to lower our borrowing cost and raise 430+Cr in just two months because to this relationship. Using YubiMatch's unique AI/ML engine, we were matched with over 100 lenders, and 20+ investors expressed interest."

    Mr. Tarun Jain

    Gold Plus Glass - Chief Financial Officer

    "Partnering with Yubi Credit Market gave us access to a wide pool of investors where we could scout for the right deal. Yubi marketplace helped us formulate our first banking relationship with the best private sector bank in India, opening the gateways of structured banking and lending for us. We could raise Rs 40 crore in a matter of weeks to power our working capital and push forward."

    Anirudh Patil

    FarMart - Head Of Finance

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