Yubi Co.Lend Annual Report FY 21-22

Overview of Co-lending in India – Yubi Co.Lend Annual Report FY 21-22

The precedence of Co-lending is rooted in its very inception. SMEs have faced an unmet credit crunch of $200 billion, a deficit in working capital, and negligible cash flow, leading to slow growth for far too long. Unlike the big enterprises, SMEs have to thrive hard on adversities to get through asking for a substantial shift.

To improve the credit flow to the underserved, in November 2020, RBI issued guidelines for co-lending by Banks and NBFCs for the priority sector.

The FY 21-22 was a distinctive one for the growth of Co-lending in India

  • Advancing co-lending partnerships in India
  • Rise of tech enablement in Co-lending
  • Ramped up the market potential of Co-lending in India
  • Yubi’s unflinching Journey in Co-lending


The Yubi Co-lending Report FY 21-22 effectively communicates some crucial aspects of the Co-Lending landscape in India and how YubiCo-lend, India’s largest co-lending marketplace, has been enabling fruitful partnerships between lenders and originators.

The report analyses the co-lending across industries and uncovers actionable insights into Co-lending’s present and future. All in all, depicting how it’s changing the fate of 63+ million SMEs and the lives of 120+ million working professionals. And especially YubiCo-lend’s unique role is revolutionizing co-lending, making it accessible, simple, and easy to use.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Understanding the impact of Co-lending on Banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions since its commencement in India
  • Future of Co-lending in India
  • Key factors driving the growth of the YubiCo-lend platform
  • Key co-lending partnerships in India
  • Journey of India’s largest Co-Lending platform, YubiCo-lend


If you are a lender or originator, don’t miss this report. We’ve packed it with insights that will enable your co-lending decisions.