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Access to timely credit is key to growing a business. As our country moves towards achieving the $5 trillion mark, enterprises step-up to play a significant role in growing the economy. 

This exclusive e-book gives you a glimpse of the major challenges faced by the corporate borrowing industry and how our technology has played a crucial role in solving these issues and helped out customers …..

Major Challenges of Corporate Borrowing 

Challenges of Corporate Borrowing

Can We Overcome These Challenges?

  1. Extended Loan Processing Time

    Obtaining a business loan, especially for MSMEs is a stressful experience. Hours of paperwork, countless meetings and constant coordination makes the loan disbursal process slow and eventually impacts the growth of a business. 

But, can the loan processing time be reduced? 

  1. Limited Access to Investors

Enterprise borrowers are typically able to garner interest from not more than 3-4 banks or NBFCs if they want to raise capital. In fact, businesses situated in tier 2 or tier 3 cities may not even have the resources or contacts to reach out to suitable lenders. 

Can borrowers have access to a larger pool of lenders? 

  1. Limited Knowledge of Financial Products

For many enterprises, the loan disbursal process can take months. Business owners might not have adequate contacts with banks or NBFCs and in the absence of a comprehensive process, the management resorts to anecdotal information to track the loan disbursal process. 

How can businesses have more visibility during loan disbursal?

  1. Exhausted Credit Line With Banks

Credit limit is the maximum amount of money a bank can lend you, beyond which you will need to raise capital from another bank. Enterprises often exhaust their credit limits which not only affects their working capital cycle but also their overall growth. 

Can businesses overcome the challenge of exhausted credit limits?

If you are looking to answer some of these questions, our experts have curated an exclusive e-book that sheds light on some of our c challenges faced by the corporate borrowing sector and how technology plays a vital mitigant to solve them.