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Zetwerk got INR 300 Crore Sanctioned for Vendors via Yubi Flow, Reducing their TAT for Disbursement to Vendors by 50%

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Partnering with Yubi, we could reduce our turnaround time for disbursement of funds to vendors by 50% and get access to Rs 200+ crore to finance the invoices of our 100+ channel partners in the most smooth and efficient way.

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Puneet Goyal

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About the Company

About the company

Zetwerk is a managed marketplace for contract manufacturing. The company partners with the world’s leading industrial and consumer enterprises to get their products manufactured via a global network of small manufacturers, where Zetwerk helps with supplier selection, pricing and fulfilment of orders. It offers manufacturing solutions across industries such as Oil & Gas, Renewables, Aerospace, Infrastructure, Apparel, Electronics and Retail.

For customers, Zetwerk’s manufacturing network ensures products are made faster, at competitive prices and with world-class quality. In addition, its in-house manufacturing Operating System software, ZISO, enables digital selection of supply, real-time tracking, visual updates of products getting made, seamless communication across stakeholders and quality assurance, thereby offering customers peace of mind. For manufacturing partners, Zetwerk drives higher utilization of manufacturing capacities and offers various portfolio services (including logistics, raw material procurement, working capital access) to drive revenue growth and optimize manufacturing costs.

With its focus on maximizing precision, time, clarity, and quality, here is a spotlight on Zetwerk’s achievements in numbers:

Zetwerk Introduction Yubi Flow

Working with prestigious companies like Tata Steel, BHEL, Flipkart, Larsen & Toubro, GE, and more, there was one challenge Zetwerk came across.

The Challenge

Manufacturing goods and components is a capital-intensive process requiring heavy machinery, raw material, labour, and other resources. After manufacturers raised a PO for Zetwerk, the company received their dues after 90 days- a gap which made the company’s receivables and payables haywire.

The problem areas Zetwerk encountered included:

  • Managing a base of 10,000+ suppliers was a hassle since onboarding and verifying the documentation was exhausting and time-consuming. Online and offline vendor management was another problem.
  • There existed a lack of transparency when it came to clearing the invoices since Zetwerk would be unaware of where the invoice was stuck. This further increased the turnaround time for the vendor.
  • The company wanted to scale their global manufacturing network and required capital infusion for the same, in addition to bringing down its debt.

Puneet Goyal from Zetwerk Testimonial for Yubi Flow


The Solution

When Zetwerk got in touch with Yubi Flow, they wanted an all-in-one solution that solved their debt woes, gave them easy access to capital, and helped with vendor management.

Here’s how Zetwerk benefitted by onboarding Yubi Flow:

Zetwerk_Yubi Flow_Solution

The Result

With Yubi Flow’s Supply Chain Finance program, Zetwerk’s 100+ channel partners could get Rs 300+ crore sanctioned and reduce their turnaround time for disbursement to vendors by 50%.

Yubi Flow helped Zetwerk to get this result through Supply Chain Finance

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