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Yubi Supply Chain Finance Marketplace helped Bizongo to Settle its Vendor Bills in Under 24 Hours.

The result
Bizongo 1 Yubi Supply Chain Finance Marketplace helped Bizongo to Settle its Vendor Bills in Under 24 Hours.

Tarun Soni

CFO, Bizongo

Yubi Flow as a marketplace has brought in a refreshing change to manage supply chain financing challenges for us.

About the Company

India’s largest digital supply chain enablement platform for packaging, textiles & other custom made goods, Bizongo has helped companies enable digitized procurement. A B2B marketplace at its core, Bizongo is a SaaS company that caters to the customized goods needs of 150+ companies, including Amazon, Ananda Dairy, Tata Cliq, Ecomm Express Flipkart, D’Decor and many others.

The company enables digitised supply chain solutions for customised goods in industries like FMCG, Pharma, E-commerce, FMCD, Consumer Discretionary, Food, Dairy, Food Services, Chemicals, Paints and many others.

Bizongo operates digital vendor management and supply chain automation which helps companies ranging from small startups to conglomerates with their packaging needs. Bringing together hundreds of vendors and managing them is no mean task- and Bizongo does this in a systematic, streamlined manner so companies need not run helter-skelter to procure packaging material.

This case study demonstrates how Bizongo’s partnership with Yubi helped finance their vendor bills, supply chain and drive their sales, ultimately boosting profits.

The Challenge

Bizongo faced some challenges before joining Yubi

  1. There was an ardent need to structure the multiple vendor supply chains to disburse vendor payments quickly and immediately procure the goods.
  2.  A long payment cycle and lack of liquid cash impacted smooth supply chain operations for Bizongo that delayed their product delivery to their clients. 
  3. The company also wanted to solve the cash flow issues for the vendors without having any impact on their payment cycles. 

The Solution

After scouting the market for financing solutions, Bizongo found their perfect partner in Yubi’s Supply Chain Finance Marketplace(Yubi Flow) for all their supply chain financing needs. Bizongo was successfully onboarded to the Yubi Flow marketplace in less than a week!


  1. The company got instant access to multiple lenders from a unified platform, manageable through an interactive dashboard.
  2. This gave the company the freedom to strike a deal that worked for them the best – choose its repayment schedule, credit limit and customize other loan aspects.
  3. Bizongo’s onboarding was executed digitally with absolute minimal documentation that was not only to the client’s comfort but also to speed up the entire process of loan sanction and processing.

The Results

With Yubi,

  1. Bizongo strengthened relationships with their vendors; While other companies cleared the vendors’ bills in 1.5-2 months, Bizongo did the same in a day, gaining priority service.
  2. This helped the company receive material and services on time and deliver the finished product to their clients well within timelines.
  3. The company could also access multiple debt products hosted by Yubi.
  4. The association with Yubi Flow ensured Bizongo could eliminate the industry-standard restrictions that limited the number of vendors who could be paid with the sanctioned credit.
  5. With Yubi Flow, Bizongo could finance the invoices of unlimited vendors and use the entire capital sanctioned as credit, providing last-mile coverage for their clients.