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How Did Yubi Amplify The Fixed Income Trade of Arthya Wealth?

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Prateek Dhoot

Products at Arthya Wealth and Investments

"Being associated with Yubi Invest has helped us gain wallet share of our client. The unique offering provided to us by Yubi Invest has helped us deliver better risk-adjusted returns for our clients. In our association with Yubi Invest we have seen the process being very smooth and seamless"

About the Company

Arthya Wealth

Arthya Wealth and Investments Pvt. Ltd  has built a comprehensive, high quality, open-architecture based wealth management and investment advisory platform, to cater to investors across the board, including individuals, businesses/corporate treasuries, family offices, trusts and more.

Arthya Wealth can help you, if you are:

  • A new investor who is starting off their investment journey or improving their long-term investment experience;
  • A mid to large size investor (HNI), who is looking for  high quality investment advice across asset classes;
  • An evolved family office/UHNI investor who wants to engage to get deeper insights into the realm of investing.

Arthya Wealth and Investments Pvt. Ltd. is an open-architecture based Wealth Management and Investment Advisory platform. Established by Gaurav Arora in Maharashtra, India, they deal with equities, mutual funds, and fixed-income products, catering to investors across the board like individuals, businesses/corporate treasuries, family offices, trusts and more.

As a  wealth management firm, they provide client-specific advisory services to high-net worth clients and the biggest challenge faced by them is balancing their clients’ portfolio. 

Major Challenges Faced by Arthya Wealth

Balancing a client’s wealth portfolio with respect to risk and reward is one of the most important steps in the operation cycle. In fact, this is only possible if the wealth managers have access to various kinds of investment options in equity, debt, gold, real estate etc.

But there were several challenges that wealth managers were facing in order to maintain a balanced portfolio for their clients. 

1. Access to Investments

The fixed income industry has been plagued with problems like limited or even nil access to diverse set of investment options.

Traditionally, bond papers have only been available in larger ticket sizes and longer tenures. Also, they are only owned by the top end of the rating spectrum (AAA or AA).

2. Lack of Due Diligence

The lack of due diligence for companies issuing new bonds has been a pressing concern. As more and more new-age companies come into the business of raising money through bonds, it’s very important to have a robust due diligence process, to ensure that the invested money is safe and is used for the stated purpose only.

3. Maintaining Trade Infrastructure

Executing the trade for each and every clients is a huge hassle for wealth managers. The confirmation process for each trade is long and tiresome, which makes maintaining and monitoring the portfolio of multiple clients a near impossible job.

The team of Arthya joined Yubi to gain access to different kinds of investment options for their clients. This would ensure that wealth managers had the option to invest in various equity and debt instruments on behalf of their clients and therefore, maintain a balanced portfolio.

The Solution

Yubi’s fixed income platform provides solutions to most of problems which Arthya Wealth was facing. 

Yubi ensure: 

  • Single-click access to a diverse set of investment options from across industries, sectors and rating spectrums; 
  • Strong due diligence of new issuers;
  • Seamless execution of the whole trade for multiple clients at once. This makes sure that there is no hassle in execution on a daily basis either.

The Results

Being associated with Yubi has helped us gain a significant wallet share from our clients. Also, the unique offering provided to us by Yubi has helped us deliver better risk – adjusted returns and we have seen the process being executed  seamlessly.” – Prateek Dhoot – VP, Products at Arthya Wealth and Investments

Arthya Wealth Achieved:

  • Best risk v/s reward ratios in the market;
  • Expansion of wallet share by a significant margin;
  • Better risk-adjusted returns for clients which helped them become a more promising investment advisory platform.