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How Vivriti Capital Scaled its Loan Book by 4X Through Yubi’s Co-lending Platform

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Vineet Sukumar

MD and Founder, Vivriti Capital

Our aim at Vivriti has always been to drive financial inclusion in India and accelerate credit access to MSMEs and other undeserved sectors of the country. We have been able to get access to Yubi Co. Lend's vast network of NBFCs, fintechs, MFIs and other financial institutions via single API integration. And scale co-lending partnerships at an exponential pace through Yubi Co.Lend's tech-enabled co-lending infrastructure and scale up your loan book by 4X across asset classes.

About the Company

Vivriti Capital was founded in 2017 and has been changing the lending landscape by providing debt to innumerable enterprises. The company aims to create the largest and most valuable financial services platform, which caters to financial institutions, corporates, small and medium enterprises, and individuals.

Vivriti Capital provides its customers with a host of loan-related products like term loans, working capital, cash credit, equipment leasing, supply chain finance, and project finance among other things. 

The company has 1,800,000+ retail clients as of Mar’22, and has managed $730 million of AUM till date. With a clear target of growing their AUM and extending credit to borrowers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Vivriti Capital signed up on Yubi Co.Lend. To further its mission of providing access to capital to the underserved segments, Vivriti signed up on Yubi Co.Lend, India’s largest co-lending marketplace. 

Company’s Achievements at a Glance

  • US $730 Mn AUM
  • Manages 250+ enterprises
  • Present across 26+ states

The Challenge

Some challengers faced by Vivriti Capital:

  1. The company was looking to foray into co-lending to accelerate credit across different asset classes, like SMEs, two-wheeler, and consumer sectors, among others; and grow their loan book. 
  2. But discovering the right co-lending partner and going live with multiple originators within a short time frame was challenging. Also, scaling co-lending partnerships was difficult without a tech-enabled co-lending infrastructure.

The Solution

Yubi Co.Lend had a clear goal to help Vivriti find suitable originators and make sure that the deals went live at a quick turnaround time. 

  1. Yubi’s helped the company collaborate with multiple originators to start growing their loan book significantly.
  2. Within a few months of onboarding on the platform, Vivriti disbursed INR 40 crores/month, which eventually scaled to INR 180 crores/month by Jul 22.
  3. Yubi’s tech-enabled end-to-end co-lending infrastructure aided Vivriti in discovering, executing, and fulfilling their deals.

The Results

The path to democratizing credit access for the unserved and underserved segments can be paved by fostering synergies through co-lending partnerships. Yubi’s tech-enabled end-to-end co-lending infrastructure will help expand Vivriti Capital’s loan portfolio across asset classes.

  1. 98% of Vivriti’s co-lending loan books are via Yubi Co.Lend. The Company has collaborated with a major chunk of Co.Lend’s originators and it has gone live with 22+ entities, catering to 15+ asset classes. The segments range from SMEs, consumer durables, two-wheelers, etc. 
  2. Vivriti Capital was able to achieve a 4X increase in the amount of loans disbursed. Starting from INR 40 Crores a month, the company now disburses approximately INR 180 crores of loans per month through Yubi's Co-lending platform
  3. The company has collaborated with a wide pool of originators who cater to different income groups and loan ticket sizes, transactions for an originator ranging from INR 1 Crore - INR 75 Crores per month.
  4. Yubi’s tech-enabled, end-to-end co-lending infrastructure helped the team go live with 22+ partners. It also helped the company manage a huge lending portfolio seamlessly, which reduced TAT by a significant margin.

Yubi's team with Vivriti Capital
Yubi’s Co-lending team with Vivriti Capital at their Chennai HQ

To get a demo of how Yubi Co.lend works, please write to us at support@go-yubi.com or visit our website to know more.