Why join Yubi?

Some of the top reasons to embrace the Yubinaut life are:


Be at the start of epic

Yubinauts are on the brink of greatness. We are hungry for growth and are poised for tremendous growth. We are still small enough for even 1 person to make an impact. So come, join and be part of the growth story.


A highly motivated team

We are on a mission. We want to make a sizable impact on the nation and beyond which includes impacting the GDP of our country. Come and be galvanised with our energy!


Proven track record

With the success of previous ventures and deep experience in the field, the founder has a proven track record of excellence and a focused vision of the future.


The rise and rise of Fintech

A booming space with many unicorns, global attention and access to funds. The absolute right time to be in the midst of all the action.


Do your best work

We genuinely believe that each Yubinaut does his/her/their life’s best work at Yubi. It’s just the way we are all wired.

Epic things to look forward to

Do EPIC work

Work is of paramount importance. Fun, activities, team outings; we have all that and more. But, we take most pride in our work because that is what we spend the most time doing. And even if we say so ourselves, our work is pretty epic.
Meet EPIC people

We most definitely are a myriad team of like-minded people solving the same problems but each individual is also beautiful and unique in their own way. Each person at Yubi can add value to your life and we know you will add value to ours.

Solve EPIC problems
We are changing the way people perceive debt. It is a change in a mindset. It is a change in the way people lead their everyday lives and have led for many years. How do we plan to solve this? Well, we can’t reveal everything here, can we?
Learn EPIC everyday
We don’t work in silos. Regardless of your team and your role, you will interact across the company and learn about the work that each team puts in. This puts all of us in the covetable position of a life-long student. We all learn constantly, everyday and try to ensure that we imbibe and implement what we learn on a regular basis.
Leave an EPIC impact

We do not believe in thinking for the next 5 years, instead we are thinking of the next 5 decades and our impact on people and lives.


What’s in it for you


Ample opportunity for significant personal wealth creation.

Life Insurance

Life insurance (10X your Fixed annual CTC) and Critical Illness cover (5X your Fixed annual CTC).

Group Medical Insurance

Generous health insurance of INR 800,000 for you as well as your dependents, including parents or parents-in-law.

Mental Health Care

Partnership with 1to1.net to help Yubinaut seek personal help.


10 k per month for all working mothers

Flexible Hours

Get quality work done by managing your own time.