Our Culture

We work hard and reward hard work too. Our intent is always to be the best at what we do and we don’t compromise. We care deeply about our employees and it is a constant endeavour to create a fun and focused environment.
Life at Yubi

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  • We believe that epic work happens when epic people come together
  • Teams that work well together are usually teams that learn well together, not only from work but also from each other.


  • Our customer’s needs are our needs and we respond with alacrity.
  • We are active problem solvers, each day, everyday.

the rest

  • Our impatience to reach the very top, to deliver the absolute best, to create an epic legacy is tangible and defines us in many ways.
  • We believe in working step by step in the right direction and making progress each day, while keeping in mind the value we hope to add to the lives of our customers.


  • Our work is not just dependent on our successes, in fact we wholly embrace failing. We like do-ers, and do-ers at some point are bound to fail.
  • We believe in learning from each failure and putting the experience to practical use for the benefit of our company and our clients, everyday.

The Yubi way of working

First Principles thinking

We value people who can break down complicated problems and look at them from different perspectives and eventually reach a decision built from the ground up. Yubinauts never assume anything and always go to the root of a problem.

Solid workmanship will take you places at Yubi

Sincere and deeply caring for the piece of work that you’re accountable for and delivering it with pristine quality in a time bound manner, is a recipe for success.

Cut down the noise

Learn at every step at work and stay away from noise. Reduce the number of variables at every step and work your way to excellence. Avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on what truly matters.

Crave for feedback at work

Ask for feedback, internalize feedback and emulate. You will be surprised by the amount of good that feedback brings to you.

Bias for action is non negotiable

The pace of our growth requires everyone to operate with a very high velocity at work. It’s the joy of making progress at a faster pace, which makes one’s journey rewarding.

Yubinauts have a humble mind

A humble mind that is set on acing goals and accomplishing them. A mind that’s free from clutter and razor sharp focus to conquer the unachievable. One needs to get rid of any uncalled for baggage and needs a bit of unlearning and learning to operate in our context.

A Doer attitude

You will operate in a very fast paced environment that has multiple moving parts. Tying everything together in a logical order and showing results amidst chaos is commendable

Own things and be accountable

You are the author of your own destiny and do everything in your power to keep things under control. Your sense of accountability is directly proportional to your success.