About The Program

Our Back2EPIC program is designed for talented women technology professionals who are looking to restart their careers post a career break. Many women often have to take career breaks due to various reasons, be it taking up caregiving responsibilities, handling homes, managing any personal crisis, or even if it's to take a breather.

Coming back into the workforce after a break can seem daunting and challenging. But if you’re ready to step back into the game, we are here to enable that for you! In pursuance of our inclusion initiatives, presenting Back2EPIC, a fully-sponsored 11 week reskilling bootcamp-cum-internship for women who are currently on a career break and are looking to come back. This edition will be hosted at our Bangalore and Chennai offices.

If you have any queries regarding the program, please write to back2epic@go-yubi.com

Program Offerings

A structured 11 weeks returnship program, split across 5 weeks of reskilling bootcamp & 6 weeks of paid internship so as to provide you hands-on training and exposure to the work we do and how we do it. The program is supported by a dedicated program team composed of leaders, program managers as well as fellow returnees.

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Selection Process

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Eligibility Criteria

Any woman with a career break of 18 months and above is eligible to apply for the program.

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Preliminary Assessment

All eligible candidates will undergo a coding challenge and a panel discussion with Yubi, based on which candidates will be shortlisted to attend the reskilling bootcamp program.

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Certified Reskilling Bootcamp

The 5 week reskilling bootcamp focuses on sharpening the participants’ technical & programming skills as well as soft skills training, development and more. The participants will benefit from a structured and in-depth induction to help them transition successfully back into the workplace.

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Paid Internship

Post successful completion of the bootcamp, all candidates will undergo a 6 week paid internship program with Yubi. During this period, the candidates will receive mentoring, an opportunity to network, and hands-on experience working on multiple assignments at Yubi.

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Conversion to Full-Time Employment

Post successful completion of the internship, candidates will be assessed by the hiring managers for full time positions with Yubi.


Impact Stories

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From day 1, Yubi has provided me with the right amount of flexibility to manage both my family and work in addition to the diverse professional experience it provides. Yubi has great benefits for women like Period leave, Child care reimbursement policy, in-house kids play rooms and mother care rooms and has a culture where I feel valued and supported by my peers.

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At Yubi, I felt valued and trusted right from the beginning. I grew on to handle 5 teams within a short span of time. Yubi has sincerely rewarded my loyalty by holistically supporting my professional development while at the same time supporting work life balance. Our CEO is very vocal about supporting working families which is apparent in our culture and in the many benefits we have, especially child care reimbursement, industry-leading maternity leave policy, paternity policy, period leave etc.

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At Yubi, I was thoroughly supported in my maternity journey by being permitted to work-from-home for the entire duration of my pregnancy, relocate to another city to avail parental help for caregiving and extended maternity leave. During the later months of my maternity leave, I was also nominated to be part of a 'Women of Impact' program to develop my professional growth. My maternity experience has shown me that Yubi goes above and beyond to nurture working mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the candidate have to pay an application fee for the returnship program?

No, the entire 11 weeks program is fully sponsored by Yubi and is free of charge for the candidate.

What are the basic level qualifications I need to have to apply?

Degree in Computer Science or relevant experience

Where can I apply for this program?

Eligible candidates can submit your application here! Bangalore | Chennai
After filling the application form, the registrations will undergo the selection process.

Which locations are accepting applications?

For our first edition, we are accepting applications for our Bangalore and Chennai offices.

How will I know if I am selected?

If selected, you will be notified through a confirmation email from our recruitment team.

Why is there a coding selection process?

The coding selection process helps us in identifying the right candidates with the qualifications and skill set required for the program. At this stage, the candidates will also have the opportunity to have an exploratory conversation with a team from Yubi to learn more about the company, the offered roles and expectations.

How long is the Returnship Program?

The Returnship program is for a period of 11 week, spread across 5 week of tech reskilling boot-camp followed by 6 weeks of internship, both fully sponsored by Yubi.

What does the reskilling boot-camp entail?

The reskilling bootcamp will cover hands-on sessions on sharpening technical & programming skills as well as soft skills training and development. The reskilling bootcamp will be led by Hero Vired, our Knowledge Partner for the returnship program.

Is the reskilling bootcamp and the internship virtual? Will it require any travel?

The reskilling bootcamp as well as the internship program is designed as a hybrid package and therefore, candidates would be required to be physically present at the Bangalore or Chennai office (as applicable) from time to time. During the internship, candidates will be expected to work from office 3 days a week. In case an exception is required, we will try our best to accommodate any such requests on a case-to-case basis.

Will I get a certificate post the reskilling bootcamp? Is there a fee?

Yes, all candidates will obtain a certificate of completion post successful completion of the bootcamp, at no additional cost to the candidate.

Will I get a stipend during the internship?

Yes, all candidates will receive a fixed stipend post completion of the internship.

Is recruitment confirmed at the end of the internship?

The offer of employment and confirmation will depend on your overall merit and performance during your internship. After completing your internship, your candidature will be considered for the role which suits your interest and skill sets through an assessment.

If I get selected for full time employment with Yubi, can I work remotely?

At Yubi, we follow a hybrid work model. To allow for better flexibility, during the first 3 months of the candidate’s full time employment with Yubi, we extend 3 days work from office and 2 days work from home per week for all selected candidates. Post completion of 3 months and when the candidates have smoothly transitioned into the system, we expect the candidates to work from office 4 days a week. Any additional flexibility or accommodation, if required, may be provided upon request, on a case to case basis.