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Getting an Enterprise Loan

Small and medium enterprises or newer enterprises often find it very difficult to get corporate loans. This happens because banks and financial institutions do not prefer providing easy loans to such entities as they are not stable enough to guarantee repayment. Hence, a gap is created for both working capital and long-term fund requirements. Therefore, to meet this gap, organizations opt for enterprise loans.

The Fastest and Cheapest Way to Get a Term or Working Capital Loan

What is an Enterprise Loan?

An enterprise loan is a loan provided to micro, small or medium enterprises. These loans can be used both to meet the working capital requirements and the long-term requirements like purchasing equipment or machinery. However, it might sound similar to an SME loan, and these loans are not unsecured. They are backed by property and provided only to organizations with a good cash flow. Enterprise loan companies or financial institutions provide enterprise loans.

Eligibility for an Enterprise Loan

To avail of an enterprise loan, the organizations must meet specific criteria. The eligibility criteria for availing of an enterprise loan is as follows –

The minimum age of the applicant must be 22 years and the maximum age must be 65 years.

The applicant must have been doing business for at least 4 years and must be in the same business for at least 2 years.

The business must be making profits for the last 2 years preceding the application.

The minimum annual income of the enterprise must be 1,00,000 in metro cities and 75,000 in non-metros.

Why Choose Yubiloan To Get An Enterprise Loan?

YubiLoan is one of the most popular and the largest debt marketplace in India. It provides a complete debt-based ecosystem where both lenders and borrowers can find their best match based on their needs and requirements. It facilitates the discovery, execution and fulfilment of an enterprise loan.

If you are wondering why you should choose YubiLoan over others to avail an enterprise loan, here are the reasons –

Discovery: With its advanced technology function, CredMatch, helps you find your perfect match based on your common interests. Moreover, it helps you get discovered by 1000s of lenders at a single place based on the rating spectrum.

Interoperability: The client lifecycle has different stages, and this platform provides integrated solutions for customers at different stages of the customer lifecycle. Moreover, it provides access to different debt-based products at a single click.

Execution: Unique features like CredAnalytics and CredAutomate helps speed up the process of loan approval. These advanced decision-making suites help you close credit deals 5 times faster and with 100% transparency.

Execution: Unique features like CredAnalytics and CredAutomate helps speed up the process of loan approval. These advanced decision-making suites help you close credit deals 5 times faster and with 100% transparency.

Fulfilment: CredMonitor helps you monitor your portfolio of assets. It also helps you maintain a superior quality with the help of custom reports, alerts and early warning signals. These custom reports use 100s of data points to create automated reports.

Fulfilment: YubiLoan has made a mark for itself by facilitating seamless management of finance programs. It has helped many small and medium enterprises raise funds to scale their businesses.

Why Is The YubiLoan Platform For You?

YubiLoan Platform is the best choice for you as it provides multiple debt options and products that can cater to your needs. Given below are some points that state why you should choose YubiLoan.

You can avail of loans for a tenure of 3 months to 180 months.

The loan amount can range from Rs. 5-500 crores.

The loan application and approval process are five times faster as compared to a normal marketplace.

Additionally, this platform has an easy-to-use interface, specially curated to make it easier for the customers. This platform has enabled 500+ organizations to avail enterprise loans and promote business growth. This platform provides different types of loans such as enterprise loans, MSME loans, term loans, working capital loans, structured finance and promoter lending.

How to Get An Enterprise Loan Through YubiLoan?

Now that you know the eligibility criteria and the benefits of using the YubiLoan platform, you need to understand the application procedure. Here is how you can get an enterprise loan –

Step 1. Visit the Yubi Loan page or fill out the form on this page

Step 2. Fill the basic survey form. Provide the necessary details.

Step 3. Once you submit the form, a YubiLoan representative will get in touch with you and explain the further process.

If you are planning to take an enterprise loan, don’t wait any further. Get your loan Now!


What is a micro-enterprise loan?

Micro-enterprise loan is a loan provided to small businesses that are engaged in trading, manufacturing or other services.


What is an enterprise community loan fund?

Enterprise community loan fund is a not for profit organization that provides credit and financial assistance to companies that provide affordable housing to middle-income families.


What is a small enterprise loan facility

Small enterprise loan facility is a loan facility that is provided to small enterprises that are not able to avail of normal corporate loans due to lack of security.


What are the different types of enterprise loans?

There are five major types of enterprise loans –

Line of Credit

Unsecured business loan

Secured business loan

Working capital loans

Supply chain finance