At Yubi, our vision is to deepen the global debt markets and help enterprises realise their true potential. We set out to build a disruptive technology platform to revolutionise the debt market and enable access to prudent capital. 

We are building the world’s first possibility platform powered by cutting edge technology, algorithms, software engineering practices to open up the flow of finance. In the process, we have facilitated INR 100000 Cr+ worth of transactions and helped 3000+ enterprises to raise capital to fund their growth. 

The following is a glimpse of product lines in Yubi’s technology platform which help complete the debt journey of our customers in the most fulfilling and efficient way:

Yubi Loans helps borrowers to get quick access to funds at competitive rates by connecting them with India’s top lenders on one platform. 

Yubi Co.Lend  enables lenders to discover, go live and collaborate with multiple partners with one-time API integration.  

Yubi Flow connects anchors with investors on a fully integrated/easy-to-use platform, to finance their supply chain and strengthen their channel partner ecosystem. 

Yubi Pools simplifies securitisation management by giving Banks, NBFCs and HFCs the ability to operate, manage and monitor the complete securitisation process on a single platform. 

Yubi Invest, an end-to-end fixed income platform, facilitates individual and institutional investors to find the right solution for any debt requirement and make smart decisions. 

Our Technology

Yubi’s platform is built with a mix of different technology choices. The web application front-end is built using React. We initially built our mobile apps in Flutter, but over time we moved to React Native.

Our back-end services were initially developed in Rails as it served our GTM strategy; but over the years we have moved to a micro service based architecture where individual services are implemented in the technology which suits the best.

For example, the services which experience heavy concurrent load, we chose to implement those in Go. A few others were implemented in Java with Spring Boot. Similarly, we believe in polyglot persistence and our platform is powered by PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Along with this, Redis and Kafka find a lot of usage on our platform. 

Our infrastructure is entirely based on AWS. We follow lean DevOps practices with state of the art observability and monitoring to keep our platform up and running 24×7 with an SLA of 99.99%.

Yubi is a data driven platform, and a lot of the intelligence built is based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Our data engineering platform has the likes of R, Python, Spark, Airflow, AWS Data Lake, ML Flow and Sagemaker. We heavily rely on AWS Redshift as our data warehouse. 

Every day Yubinauts are trying to solve interesting engineering problems to build the best in class technology platform for creating pathways to help more people and enterprises unleash their full potential.

This blog is an attempt to share engineering knick-knack learnt along the way.  

If you want be part of this vibrant, geeky community of 200+ Yubinauts, check out our careers page.

Let’s go get great, together!