The team at Yubi Flow is constantly striving to enhance your experience on the platform. 

Our latest feature update addresses a key product gap in the journey of discovering new channel partners.  We will be talking about two major updates this month. 

Channel Partner Discovery

Here is what we did to improve channel partner discovery.

What Was the Challenge?

Previously, due to the need for manual intervention, lenders were unable to track the evaluation of channel partners by the credit committees. Nor were they able to drop or reject a channel partner’s case on the platform based on the credit committee’s suggestions. 

With this feature, tracking channel partners in different stages of their journey has become simpler. Lenders can shortlist channel partners for further evaluation and know if they have to drop a case or set limits for a case based on the decisions of the credit committees. 

The Solution

With this feature update, lenders will be able to view the list of vendors/dealers who get onboarded under each program sanctioned by them.

This will help lenders filter vendors and dealers as per their criteria and shortlist them for further evaluation to be done by their credit committee.

How can they view this information?

Lenders can view the list of vendors/dealers from the newly introduced ‘Explore channel partners’ section on the platform. 

In this section, they can view basic details about the vendors/dealers along with some data derived from their GST report, if they would have done GST verification while onboarding.

On the platform, lenders will be able to filter the vendor or dealer entity as per their GST criteria using an exhaustive list of filters available to them.

What Changes With This Update?

With this update, a lender will not have to visit individual program pages to view the list of channel partners that are onboarded. They will be able to view the entire list of channel partners for their sanctioned program in a single place – the ‘New’ section in the ‘Explore Channel Partners’ tab.

The lender will be able to select single or multiple entities by clicking on the ‘Shortlist’ button at the bottom of the screen. 

Another way to shortlist an entity would be to click on the entity’s row in the list which will land the user on the entity’s profile page. On the profile page, the user will have a ‘shortlist’ button by clicking which they can shortlist an entity. 

Thereafter, the entity will be moved from the ‘New’ section to the ‘Shortlisted’ section. Lenders will also be able to view the list of channel partners recommended by the Yubi team in their shortlisted section.

A lender can also reject or drop a particular entity if they realize that they do not fulfill their criterion post evaluation. These criteria are usually set by the credit committee by providing appropriate reasons for the same. The lender can also communicate the reasons for dropping a case on the platform. 

The lender can view and track their entire channel partner pipeline of ‘New’, ‘Shortlisted’, and ‘Dropped’ vendors/dealers can be viewed from the ‘Explore’ section of the ‘Channel Partner’ page. 

What Can Users Do In Different Sections of the Platform?

The following actions can be taken by lenders from different sections within the ‘Explore’ section of the channel partner page:

  • New Section
    Users can shortlist one or more vendors/dealers for further evaluation. They can also use the filters to search for vendors/dealers belonging to a specific criterion.
  • Shortlisted Section
    In the shortlisted section, a user can view the vendors/dealers shortlisted by any other team member. They can also shortlist names of vendors/dealers recommended by Yubi.
    Users can set commercials/drop channel partners that are in the shortlisted category.
  • Dropped Section
     Users can view the cases dropped by their team and also view the reasons for rejection.

Along with filters, users also have the option of adding, deleting, and re-arranging the sequence of columns that are being displayed on the screen, by using the ‘Edit Columns’ option.













Viewing SoA Reports 

Off late, the team identified a potential problem. Investors were unable to access SoA reports on the platform. We decided to solve this. 

The Challenge

Yubi Flow has a vast pool of lenders and it is paramount for us to make sure they have a frictionless transaction journey, in terms of discovering companies and analysing them.

Investors were unable to view SoA reports on the platform. Also, the SoA reports available to anchors and channel partners needed to be formatted better. 

The Solution

A ‘Report’ section has been added for investors on the main menu. In this section, SoA reports can be viewed. We have also devised one standard SoA format across all user groups. 

How Is it Beneficial to Investors?

  • It allows investors to generate reports of various combinations for a selected time period, program, anchor and channel partner. 
  • It provides investors an option to download the report or even export it to their email in excel or PDF formats;
  • It helps investors set an email preference to receive SoA reports on a regular basis;
  • It provides a standardized SoA report format to all stakeholders i.e., investors, anchors and channel partners. 

What’s Next?

In order to keep adding value to stakeholders, Yubi Flow will be introducing other types of reports such as Utilisation, Up-for-Disbursement, and Due-for-payment.


These updates simplify the supply chain financing process and improve discovery and platform engagement. 

If you want to know more, reach out to us at Our team will be happy to assist you.