Yubi Flow is a marketplace that brings together investors and enterprises on a single, integrated platform to facilitate supply chain financing. 

On Yubi Flow, enterprises can get vendor invoices, as well as their supply chain financed by investors (banks, NBFCs) in a seamless manner. 

The platform has undergone a few significant updates, based on the feedback received from customers using the platform. The Yubi Flow product update for updates for August are as follows:

Profile for Channel Partners

Credit assessment is a crucial part for investors who are financing the supply chains of enterprises. However, until now, lenders were able to only view GST returns documents uploaded by the borrowers on the platform.

There were no actionable insights being offered to the investor via these GST return documents. Lenders had to first get the borrower’s GST number and then fetch their details to start the credit assessment process.

What Changes With the Update?

To help investors make a decision about financing the supply chain of an enterprise using GST-related data, Yubi Flow has enabled a feature where insights from the borrower’s GST data will be available directly on the platform in the form of borrower’s profile, if the borrower does GST verification. 

Yubi Flow will present all insights on the platform, and the lender will not need to fetch borrower’s details from any other sources. 

Further, the lender will have the option to review the insights and decide if they want to sanction based on the provided insights from GST data or evaluate the borrower’s profile further






At Yubi we aim to make our users’ journey completely hassle-free and value-driven. Through these updates we get a step closer to achieving that goal. 

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