Yubi Flow is a marketplace that brings together investors and enterprises on a single, integrated platform to facilitate supply chain financing. 

On Yubi Flow, enterprises can get vendor invoices, as well as their supply chain financed by investors (banks, NBFCs) in a seamless manner. 

One significant feature on Yubi Flow has been updated, based on the feedback received from customers using the platform.The updates are as follows:

Increase Transaction Count and GTV Through Renewal of Limits

Until now, investors had the opportunity to set the renewal limit only once. There was no scope to edit/ renew the limit, once entered.

However, businesses generally require funds to finance their supply chain on a rolling basis and thus need to constantly renew their limits.

Many times, the limits expire and the whole process of liasoning has to be started from scratch. To facilitate this, investors had to raise customer support tickets to edit the renewal limit through our backend server.

What Changes With the Update?

With the latest update, investors will be able to view and edit the limits with the corresponding anchors or channel partners that have expired or are about to expire. And this can be done without the intervention of the Business and Tech teams via customer support tickets.

The information box on the home page will reflect the number of limits that have expired or are about to expire for the investor to keep renewing limits and keep the supply chain financing cycle running smoothly.

In addition to this, the upcoming limit renewals for programs and channel partners can be seen on the listing page under the header ‘Up For Renewal’. The limit expiry dates and the limits that are about to expire will also be conveyed to the investor via email notifications. 


As part of  renewing the limits, investors can also edit their commercials and upload the new Memorandum of Understanding.

Investors will no longer have to raise customer tickets to get their limits renewed and can do it on their own from the home page. As a result, investors can continue their transactions which eventually leads to an increased volume of transactions on the platform.

At Yubi we aim at making our customer journey completely hassle-free and value driven. And through these updates we get a step closer to achieving that goal. 

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