Many of my contemporaries have asked me, “Why did you choose Yubi over any other tech giant?”. And if you’ve also wondered why tech superstars choose hyper-growth companies instead of MNCs, this article will explain the why’s and how’s. 

Six months back I was extremely confused about my career options., I was certain I wanted to  explore new opportunities. 

At this juncture, I was uncertain. I had two options, I could either join  a MANG company or any other multinational conglomerate. Or, I could join a high growth start-up like Yubi. 


On one hand I was lured by the prospect of working for a tech giant.   Their  swanky offices, elaborate lunch buffets and amazing Diwali gifts, was any techie’s dream.  On the other hand , there were startups.  Here the goals were much more aggressive and provided an ecosystem which promised to solve everyday problems for people like you and I.

Having worked  for a startup  before, I knew the excitement  it brought.  That’s when I came across  the rocketship, Yubi and decided to hop onboard! 

And here’s why it was one of  the best career moves of my life! 

1. Creating an Impact


The impact one can create being at a startup is immense  . At a big firm, you are just another fish in the ocean . At a startup, you get to be the shark! You get to learn more, collaborate on interesting projects and take unparalleled responsibilities.

At Yubi, I get a chance to co-create products from inception and create an impact on the country’s economy. And that’s why joining Yubi has been worthwhile.   

2. Complete Ownership


The amount of ownership one can get at a startup is incomparable . People are pushed to take on bigger responsibilities and work outside their comfort zone, which hardly ever happens at an MNC.

At Yubi, employees are not restricted by roles or hierarchy. Everyone is given equal opportunities and are presented the same path to achieve hyper-growth. 

3. Immense Learning


The amount you learn at a start-up is infinite. . 

Since most startups have a relatively small team, people have to wear multiple hats.   And this prompts employees to learn new things and take up more responsibilities. 

Also, since most projects are being built from scratch, you learn more about the domain you work in.

4. Speed


For startups,speed is everything! . It is the only way in  which they can connect with their customers faster, experiment with different  solutions and create a product which fits the market requirement.  

And at Yubi, speed, along with high quality, is a non-negotiable principle. We work to deliver the best possible product while optimising time.

4. Do More With Less


Startups generally have limited resources and they push their employees to make the best use of them. This  helps employees  to recognize  optimal solutions and improves their ability to plan better. . This skill is paramount  when systems hyperscale.

5. Financial Benefits


One of the best things about working  for a startup is the opportunity to create wealth..

Owning even a tiny piece of  the billion-dollar pie will change your  financial future for the better. It is a risk one needs to take, but it comes with its own excitement.

At Yubi, we believe in wealth creation for employees and most of our employees are covered in the ESOP plan.

Final Thoughts

Leaving the security of a multinational company is not easy, but when you choose the right place to work, it’s worthwhile. These are my reasons for joining Yubi and why I want to contribute to its growth each and everyday. Yubi is my great, is it your’s?

If you want to know more about Yubi or career opportunities at Yubi, click here.