Yubi Marketplace is a one-stop solution for all kinds of debt financing: Loans, Supply Chain Finance, Bonds, Co-Lending, or any other form of debt financing. At Yubi, we are committed to making it easier for you to find the right kind of deals and partnerships and reducing the turnaround time for deal completion as much as possible. We strongly believe that discovering deals as the primary step should be as easy as pie.

To achieve this, the latest update on Yubi makes expressing interest in Co-lending deals and tracking Supply-Chain Finance deals for both investors & borrowers via our Order Management System super easy!

  1. Expressing Interest in Co-lending Deals
    FS Customers/Investors can now quickly express their interest in any Co-lending deal(s) by clicking on the new Express Interest option available on the Client List page (or any of the customer’s Client Snapshot page. Moreover, investors can now track and manage all the Express Interest requests from a single page on the platform.
  2. Discovering Supply Chain Finance Deals
    With the expanding scope of the debt marketplaces in India, Yubi is cognizant of the need for a single unified platform for cross-product discovery.
    A one-place to discover all types of debt financing through its Marketplace is the fundamental tenet of Yubi.

Previously, investors had to toggle between Yubi Marketplace, Supply Chain Finance section and contact the Yubi team to access potential deals and review them, thereby limiting the discovery and increasing turnaround time.