If you are interested in data science and want to learn the skills necessary to work in this field, a data science internship at YUBI is just what you are looking for. Our team is passionate about using data to make informed decisions, automate complex processes, and explore new technologies. The interns benefit from getting hands-on experience with professional support in this process, gaining valuable skills, and also having the chance to meet some of the top experts in the industry.


One of the most overlooked features when looking for an internship is the tools you get during the time to work on your skills and how that can affect your performance. A programmer’s career can improve by leaps and bounds when they use VS code with preferred extensions compared to just vim. In this section, we will discuss the different resources and software YUBI’s Data Science department provides their employees and interns.

YUBI’s data science team combats most of the hardware challenges through AWS. In AWS Sagemaker, we can use Jupyter notebooks with custom CPUs and GPUs as per requirements and even scale them up as required. We can also create elastic containers to experiment on different models and store the large datasets on S3 buckets. AWS also has features where we can deploy your ML models as rest endpoints and monitor them. We also use GitHub for version control, in which the data science team has different teams with Individual sets of repositories that can be used for reference or built on top of. 

Productivity tools have shown to be the difference between a well-informed, fast-paced work environment and a work environment with miscommunications and miscalculated workforce. It is the oil that keeps the engine of teamwork running. In YUBI, we use Slack as the main mode of communication within the Company. You can communicate easily with teammates and receive quick responses, send messages through your team/org easily, and get updates for most occasions without relying on your emails all the time. When working on multiple projects while collaborating with multiple people, YUBI uses a tool called Asana to keep track of projects, regarding who is in charge of which project, who is involved in which subtasks, and the level of progress in each of them.

Must know for Beginners 

As a Beginner, your first day at YUBI will be tremendously tiring with the huge amount of information that your brain will be forced to absorb. Of course, as an intern you will be anxious and nervous about what to do, what to say, where to go, how to or whom to interact with, etc; Well, fear not, because we will guide you through the first week in Yubi. Starting with day 1. On the first day, you will be given some insights about Yubi and you will be introduced to your team and your reporting manager. You will be provided with a MacBook Pro, a mouse, and a bag with some goodies in it. In the next few days, you will be having a few orientation sessions on what to do and what not to do and different teams in Yubi and the products they are working on, and so on. 

Now although most of these things you will be informed on, there are some very important things you may need to learn. You need to learn about three main teams: DevOps, IT, and Cyber Security. As with anything you want to do with your Mac as a beginner you need to take a bunch of permissions from these teams mainly, especially with DevOps. Some of the access you will be needing are account access and internal applications access differ according to the domain and team you are working with. For most of the accesses related to any particular software, you need to raise a ticket to DevOps and they will revert to you within a few hours. As for your mac related issues, you must directly visit the IT team. Most of the Mac-related issues will be solved on your day 1 as the IT team will be personally helping you set up everything. Coming to the Cyber Security team, any new Bluetooth devices or any other devices you want to link with your mac or visiting a particular website that may be blocked, you need to request permission from this team. YUBI has multi-layered security hence you will be expected to request much access from these particular teams at the time of joining YUBI. Other than that you also are expected to have a daily meeting with your whole team, so make sure you have entered the team’s slack channels and Gmail calendar link up so that you can always keep track of your team’s developments. 

Finally, congratulations on reading up so far. If you felt a lot of information overload just by reading this, then wait till you experience your first week at YUBI. You will be very glad that you have read this blog then. 

PS: Make sure to come in formal as YUBI is very strict with its dress code. Just kidding, YUBI has no such restrictions on tech teams but pls don’t come in shorts.

Coding Culture 

Most companies today will require one to follow a set of regulations while you are building code for production so that the other software developers can know and understand your code. Similarly, YUBI’s Data science department also has a few regulations for building quality code to be read and understood by all employees. It involves the best practices(PEP – 8) for the language in the code.

Another note-worthy thing to be known is the strategy used for building the projects by YUBI’s data science team in Github. The strategy is quite similar to that of most leading companies. The first step would be the development branch for experimenting with different models. The next step would be the QA branch with the model uploaded to ML flow for model registry and the code will be live on the QA environment after peer review. On the QA branch, the code is tested by others in the org, including the stakeholders. Once the stakeholders agree to the results, the project is pushed to prod(production).


When looking for an internship, one of the main things we look for is the training they provide and how they can help us improve our skills. YUBI’s data science team does not provide any special training for interns by assigning them text/video documentation to go through or any assignments to complete, instead, you will be working on an entry-level project with a senior data scientist as support. 

On top of this YUBIs data science departments also have other training programs to improve one’s skills. There are internal hackathons in which the winners can showcase their methodologies, Bi-weekly knowledge-sharing sessions in which people around the org can share their knowledge on a skill or using a particular framework, etc. Another thing to look out for during your internship would be special training that YUBI conducts with external industry experts to improve their employee’s skills which interns can also opt-in. 


Now comes the most awaited section for any intern looking to join YUBI. Many of you might have lots of questions regarding the benefits you will be getting by joining YUBI, So without any ado let’s dive into the topic in-depth. First things first, “ The Salary ”. YUBI provides a good value for the work we do, be it SDE, QA, Data Science, etc; whatever field it may be. Though I can’t reveal the actual stipend, I can vouch that it’s a very competitive stipend compared to the market. Interns get the same leave policy as FTEs get i.e 2 days per month of earned leaves, 14 days of WFH, and 12 days of Casual Leaves per 3 months, etc. There are still many more but some must be left out as it’s better you know it at your joining time in YUBI. On top of these, YUBI also provides a small game room for when you get bored at the office. Now that you know many of the things YUBI can offer you, it’s time to think about what makes you worthy enough to be able to get them. 

PS: Starting 15 days into your journey at YUBI, you will be provided Hotel stay Completely Free of Cost. 

About Yubi 

Yubi, formerly known as CredAvenue, is an Indian fintech company that connects businesses with financial institutions, banks, and other lenders through its digital platform” quoted by Wikipedia in a nutshell describes what YUBI does. While it is great that the core functions and goals of YUBI can largely be found in the massive ocean called a global network, the things that make YUBI, “YUBI” can only be experienced hands-on as part of YUBI. Here are some small insights into YUBI:

  1. YUBI is a fintech-based family of companies that work together on making life easier in finance.
  2. It has multiple sub-companies that tackle different aspects of problems faced in fintech and collaboratively work together to present a solution
  3. At the time of writing this blog, Yubi has ranked under “Top 10 Fintech Startups” as per Wizikey’s Newsmaker 2022 rankings, surpassing the likes of CRED, ACKO, Digit Insurance, Cashfree Payments, ZestMoney, Navi, Khatabook, Lendingkart, BankBazaar, M2P Fintech, Rupeek, and others!
  4. YUBI has branches in 6 different locations Chennai being the HQ while Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, and Delhi excluding the branches of its sub-companies. Recent talks indicate a new branch opening in Hyderabad as well.
  5. YUBI has no hierarchy system, we can pretty much directly talk with the CEO but it is of course not needed as your managers assigned are more than capable to solve all your queries.

About Data Org 

YUBI’s data science department is part of a much bigger org in YUBI called the data org, which is led by the chief data officer(CDO), It contains multiple departments such as:

  1. The Data Engineering department is in charge of building and maintaining data warehouses, data lakes, databases, etc. Their main aim is to ensure that data is stored and used in their respective containers. They are also in charge of data governance.
  2. The Business Analysis department also works with the business teams and uses dashboards to help them with a variety of tasks aiming to assist the business team with their use cases through data
  3. The data science department solves complex problems aiming to automate many processes through AI and ML by building different models to assist other teams around YUBI. They contain internal teams such as CV-NLP, MLOPs, Financial models, Capabilities, growth, and recommendation.


Finally Congrats on making it this far. Now you are battle ready for joining YUBI but keep in mind that whatever YUBI offers is not just a generous offering but rather it’s the value that it’s put in for all the hard work you are showcasing. Coming to that point all other companies do the same. They don’t just give out money for free, everyone asks us to work and they put a value on this work. But the difference is that YUBI doesn’t sugarcoat it. It gives the facts straight and clear that you will be put through an immense workload and that YUBI is NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK TO TAKE IT EASY which you will, even more, understand better after you join that YUBI is not for those with the conventional level of thinking but for those who are challenging brainstormers looking forward to Face that new and terrifying with a smile and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to us and YUBI after all.

Do you wish to have a data science internship experience under your belt? If so, YUBI would love to hear from you! The data science department at YUBI is on the lookout for talented interns to join us in our journey to use data to transform the financial marketplace.