The world that we inhabit today is uncertain. We see the changes and the challenges revealing themselves to us, and I know we will have to power through it. But even in these times, what keeps India Inc motivated is Impact.

I have always believed that every company – no matter its size, scale, industry – can and will make an impact in some way or the other. But, there are only a handful that get the opportunity to make an impact on a whole nation and society.

Our Journey

We started our journey as CredAvenue in 2020 with 8 employees and a simple goal – to deepen debt markets and truly unlock the potential of Indian enterprises. But over the last 18 months, as we built and grew, we learnt that the impact we could make was much larger than we had anticipated. As an untouched space in financial markets, we held the power to be a transformative platform and contribute to a much greater purpose.

Even more remarkable was the overwhelming customer love we were showered with, the faith they showed in us. Depicted in our ever-high NPS, it is our partners and customers who pushed us to aim higher, do better, and think bigger. 

Welcome to Yubi

Thus, it is with great delight that I share with you today that CredAvenue is now Yubi.

Yubi, derived from the word ‘ubiquitous’, stands for the fundamental principle of being invisible, transformative, and pervasive. Our customer stories have shown us the power of finance in unlocking true human potential and we are here to deliver that seamlessly, so you can grow.

This change will bring in a lot of disruption and newness for everyone involved with us. Here are a few changes that you might see with Yubi:

  • We have a new name and a new face – a more vibrant, inclusive, and powerful brand identity.
  • As do our products – with a clearer vision on how to help you Go Get Great.
  • We have a new web address: you can find us at
  • When you land at, you will automatically be redirected to
  • Our LinkedIn address is changing too. Follow us here.

As we change and you see a new side with Yubi, our core DNA remains the same. In addition, we are now more committed than ever to help you go get great. We have always believed that access to prudent capital should be a right, not a privilege. Thus, the three pillars of our existence shall always hold true, at all times:

  1. Innovation
  2. Customer Centricity 
  3. Humility

As I hand over Yubi to you all, everyone at our organization is filled with hope and excitement to go bigger and better in delivering on our promise. We believe in your goals and we’re committed to help you to #MakeGreatHappen.

Let’s go get great, together.